Volunteer Marketing Role with Mkono Microfinance

Mkono is a young and expanding non-profit organization incorporated in Canada.

Currently operational in Kenya, Mkono provides young entrepreneurs access to affordable capital and mentorship. Simply put, we offer interest-free loans and mentorship sessions provided by our Mkono Mentors, young professionals with relevant expertise from all around the world, to explore specific topics to grow their business. Driving impact at Mkono goes beyond financial support as we believe that capital well invested multiplies its impact. You can learn more about Mkono here: https://www.mkono.org/.

We are looking to hire three unpaid volunteer positions for our marketing team: Marketing Analyst, Social Media Coordinator, and Web Designer/Developer. These roles offer the opportunity to contribute to Mkono’s critical mission to drive economic empowerment and develop your professional network with the Mkono team who have a large array of professional experience in social impact, consulting, finance, technology and marketing.

I (Stephanie Dowling) am the new CEO of Mkono and am a Yale Alumna (YC ’16/YSPH ’17).

I can share the three JD’s separately upon request as PDFs. Email: stephanie.dowling@mkono.org


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