Volunteer or Intern with The Diversity in Science and Diversity of Science (DisDos) Nonprofit

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Official LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/diversity-in-science-and-diversity-of-science-disdos/

Build your career as a leader in the world of science! The Diversity in Science and Diversity of Science (DisDos) is a student-led non-profit organization that hosts interdisciplinary science conferences where presenters from different fields of science can bloom. DisDos is excited to share with you that we are hoping to plan a New England regionwide interdisciplinary science conference in Spring 2024, and we already have some speakers in line who are interested in presenting. We are looking to build a solid team and are inviting anyone who is interested in developing the non-profit organization and/or helping host a conference.

Vision of DisDos
The focus of DisDos is to provide world-class career building opportunities for university students and professors from all fields of science and those who are non-STEM majors but are interested in science! We host regionwide conferences and are looking to finally expand to an international level. The goal is to increase the scope to hosting science forums and other events that connect mentors with mentees and give platforms to science experts from the NIH, CDC, and the United Nations to share their knowledge and connect with science advocates who are willing to learn.

Positions available: remote, rolling basis

Steering Committee Member: minimum 2-3 people
• Serve on the team to plan and oversee events hosted by DisDos. Members serve as mentors to the departmental managers and make decisions after analyzing the big picture.
• Check in with departmental managers and provide assistance as appropriate.

Departmental Management: minimum 1-2 managers per department
• Social Media Manager and Graphics Designer (ensuring website remains updated and designs flyers and promotional resources; works closely with Hospitality Manager)
• Budget Planning and Grant writing
• Secretary and Interdepartmental Coordination
• Hospitality Manager (hosting info sessions prior to the conferences; executes promotional campaigns for DisDos; answering questions of attendees in a timely manner; works closely with the Social Media Manager)
• Outreach coordinator (networking with speakers and holding consultations with speakers as representatives of DisDos)
• Resource coordinator (managing logistics, e.g. facilities and catering)
• Research approval (analyzing submitted abstracts
Operations coordinator: minimum 2 operations coordinator per department
• Serve on the teams led by Departmental Managers.
• Work with the Departmental Manager and other Operations Coordinators to finish the departmental work.

The time commitments are flexible, and responsibilities vary for each role. You can also volunteer in a certain department of your choice, and there is no requirement for a maximum number of volunteering hours. We value quality over quantity. However, as a rough estimate, expect to work for about 1 hour weekly/biweekly. Nevertheless, a timeline will be created with all the members, and members are welcome to pace themselves based on their schedules. The goal is to complete the work with quality.

Most of the times, the steering committee will meet over Zoom as we have people from several different places who are working on the steering committee. However, the team may also meet in-person in Hamden, Connecticut if absolutely required, but there will still be a hybrid option.

The main requirement and fixed time commitment for everyone (steering committee, departmental managers, and operations coordinators) is to participate in the mandatory 1-hour virtual meetings, which take place monthly (you can contact Yamna if there are any extenuating circumstances) or read the meeting minutes and send ideas/proposals/feedback about what was discussed. The times for these meetings will be decided once the team members have been selected.

No previous experience required.
We are looking for motivated individuals and team players who are eager to volunteer, learn, and make an impact on others. We value flexibility, responsibility, creativity, punctuality, and organization. We search for a hunger to learn and think outside the box with the team. In DisDos, we value creativity, and we will listen to feedback and ideas you may have for novel events and features.

If you are willing to volunteer or are interested in an internship, reach out to Yamna Siddiqui at yamnasiddiqui63@gmail.com and cc’ Taha Siddiqui at tahasiddiqui123456@gmail.com. Send your resume as well (maximum 5 pages), and write on the subject line: Interest to Join DisDos Steering Committee. Mention for which role you are applying and why. We will do our best to get back to you within 24 to 48 hours. The interview will take place over Zoom at a time that is mutually convenient for both the interviewee and Yamna. Although there is no deadline to apply for a position at DisDos, the acceptances are on a rolling basis. We recommend that you apply as soon as you are able, and we will consider each application.

Past events
The regionwide 2023 DisDos New England Interdisciplinary Science Conference took place on April 29 in Connecticut. New England universities members, professors, research scientists, and professionals were invited to share their work by delivering poster, oral, or creative presentations, tabling in our exhibitor fair, and/or participating as biomedical career panelists. The speakers were from Yale, former United Nations speaker, medical school, U.S. Navy, organ donation, doctors who use art and boxing therapies, etc.

“When I was reviewing attendees’ feedback, I was overwhelmed by their love and encouragement for the “friendly environment,” “community,” “networking,” and “learning experience.” I felt so touched that the emotions I had invested into DisDos were amplifying like a domino effect. I will continue to strive so DisDos is not just another science organization, but a family filled with caring, honest, hardworking, and curious members. We hope to come back in Spring 2024 with a larger conference offering more networking opportunities to a larger audience.” ~Yamna Siddiqui and Taha Siddiqui, Founders and Presidents of DisDos

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