Volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters at Truman School


Truman School
Thursdays 2:30pm – 5:30pm
114 Truman Street, New Haven, CT 06519

Located in the Hill neighborhood of New Haven, Truman School serves 485 students in grades K-8. Over 80% of students are low income and many are new to New Haven and learning English as a second language. We are seeking 10-15 Yale students willing to make a full year commitment to tutoring and mentoring a Truman student. Training will be provided by Big Brothers Big Sisters and transportation to and from the school will be provided by Dwight Hall.

The enrollment process for volunteers includes an application, a brief informational interview, and a Zoom training. Apply now if you would like to join a deeply committed group of educators and help these students succeed! The program begins at the end of October.

Reach out to sophia.deoliveira@yale.edu.

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