Volunteers Around the World (VAW)


Our Mission:

Volunteers Around the World (VAW) is an NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) devoted to improving the standard of living for those that live in some of the most poverty stricken communities of the world. Our focus is to provide communities with access to medical and dental treatment, medication, nutritional security, clean water and health education. The Yale chapter of VAW is committed to medical outreach and health education abroad, with a firm focus on sustainability and public health.

Our Activities:

Volunteers Around the World Outreach Trip
Direct Service
VAW organizes sustainable projects to promote equity and access in healthcare. During spring break, we aim to organize an outreach medical project to further global health. During this project, we aim to facilitate shadowing, patient intake, records management, and the dispensation of locally sourced medication under the supervision of local physicians. This tradition began in 2014, but was interrupted by the COVID-19 pandemic and did not occur last year due to the Omicron COVID-19 variant.

Student Leaders:

Brenda Kim - Coordinator/President

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