Volunteers Around the World (VAW)


Our Mission:

The goal of the Yale Undergraduate Chapter of VAW is to advance interests in the fields of medicine, global and public health, and international volunteer work through humanitarian efforts to promote health in countries across the world. Our primary focus is to provide communities with access to medication, medical treatment, and health education through the operation of mobile medical clinics and on-site health education programs, while providing students with the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of medicine and its practice in foreign countries. Our primary objective is to provide students with access to an international program in which students travel, along with medical supplies that they have fundraised locally, in order to provide medical care and promote proper hygiene and nutritional security through health education programs to developing nations.

Our Activities:

Yale Volunteers Around the World Fundraising We will hold a variety of fundraisers throughout the school year, such as selling Woad's tickets, churros, and cookie dough.

Student Leaders:

Brenda Kim - Coordinator/President

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