Yale Undergraduate Prison Project (YUPP)


Our Mission:

The Yale Undergraduate Prison Project (YUPP) is a student-run social justice organization with over 250 members. We seek to challenge the inequities of the criminal justice system through educational programs and advocacy, while learning from and supporting others who share that vision. At the heart of this work sits our dedication to work with formerly and currently incarcerated individuals and their families in their pursuit of educational, personal, and expressive goals. In the political arena, we contribute to social justice campaigns led by community organizers in New Haven, Connecticut, and beyond: always taking deliberate care to center the voices and experiences of those most affected. On campus, we promote dialogue around issues connected to mass incarceration with the hopes of engaging Yale community members in this work. YUPP runs programs at correctional facilities and community reentry centers in Connecticut. Our GED tutoring, seminar-style discussion groups, and mentoring programs impact over a hundred incarcerated or formerly incarcerated individuals annually. In addition to the educational programs we run each week, members engage in advocacy and activism on a local, state, and national level. On campus, YUPP hosts a diverse group of speakers each semester from fields and disciplines that intersect with mass incarceration in order to promote dialogue and engage Yale and New Haven community members in this work.

Our Activities:

Criminal Justice Direct Service Direct Service The Yale Undergraduate Prison Project also engages in a variety of tutoring and direct service work for directly impacted people. Normally, we send tutors to Manson Youth Institution on a weekly basis (will transition to remote tutoring this semester). Additionally, we have other volunteers assist in lesson planning for the Rikers Debate Project and pardon applications for a reentry organization. YUPP Community Speaker Events Advocacy, or Activism YUPP wants to coordinate a speaker event between its Direct Service and Advocacy groups that is open to the entire YUPP and Yale community. We plan to invite New Haven community organizations, as well as activists from all around the U.S., to provide key educational history and advocacy opportunities for those looking to get involved in criminal justice reform. Criminal Justice Advocacy Advocacy, or Activism This year our criminal justice advocacy consists of nine projects where members do a variety of research, lobbying, and advocacy work to support New Haven organizations. Additionally, there is a Peoples Advocacy Network where members are required to support 10 large actions per semester (e.g petitions, phone banking, etc.) YUPP Meetings Advocacy, or Activism YUPP is an especially large organization made up of over 150 members across multiple projects and advocacy groups. As a way to help YUPP members meet each other, YUPP runs a YUPP meetings and events for our all of members. We use these meetings as a chance to coordinate amongst our many members, learn about eachother's work, and collaborate with eachother on larger community based events. Sticker & Baking Action Events Fundraising YUPP’s goal for Spring 2022 is to reconnect the internal YUPP community as we come back to in-person classes on campus. To achieve this goal, we will host various types of social justice action events (such as bake sales or sticker sales) for YUPP and Yale members on uniting issues such as abolition. We aim to make impact through these events in our organization mission but also do so in an all inclusive and socially interactive way.

Student Leaders:

Hannah Ji - Coordinator/President Elizabeth Cordova - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Kanyinsola Anifowoshe - Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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