Black Solidarity Conference (BSC)

Our Mission:

The Black Solidarity Conference at Yale seeks to bring undergraduates of all colors together to discuss issues pertaining to the African Diaspora. Through discussions, panels, workshops, networking, and social gatherings, over 750 students from across the country analyze issues affecting our communities and explore solutions to undertake at their respective college campuses.

Our Activities:

Cultural Student Conference
Advocacy, or Activism
The Black Solidarity Conference brings hundreds of college students from across the country to participate in a weekend of panels, activities, and speaker events with the goal of building solidarity by talking about issues pertaining to the Black community and diaspora. In February 2023, BSC brought over 300 college students to Yale to participate in these activities centered around a theme of "Parts of a Whole: Embracing Intersectionality in the Black Identity." We hosted panels about Queerness in the Black Community, Toxic Masculinity, and Black Environmentalism, among other topics. We also had a keynote dinner at the Omni featuring activists Chelsea Miller and Tamika Mallory who spoke on the important role intersectionality has played in their lives and in their activism.

Black Solidarity Conference
Advocacy, or Activism
The conference typically brings about 750 Black students from around the country to participate in leadership workshops, unite in solidarity, and learn more about the Black diaspora.

Weekly Board Meetings
Advocacy, or Activism
The board meets weekly to plan the different aspects of the conference that will take place in February.

Student Leaders:

Bradley Tidwell - Coordinator/President Bradley Tidwell - Coordinator/President

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