Civic Allyship Initiative

Dwight Hall’s Civic Allyship Initiative, founded by James Jeter, is elevating the existing work of community organizers in New Haven and beyond. The program confronts complex social challenges, convening criminal justice advocates, grassroots activists, currently and formerly incarcerated people, students, and professors in equitable relationships through workshops, trainings, and research. Together, these allies are utilizing new grassroots organizing strategies, developing opportunities for underrepresented populations in civic leadership, and laying the groundwork for substantive policy reforms.

For the Civic Allyship Initiative, voting is crucial to its mission of supporting grassroots organizing efforts across New Haven and Connecticut. According to James, the Initiative strives to create personal connections between students and issues. “Civic Allyship [Initiative] offers students the opportunity to see how issues play out on the ground,” James noted.

Our Mission:

Civic Allyship Initiative provides a bridge between students, seeking to thoughtfully engage with local organizing efforts, and community partners, who are actively working to produce counter-narratives on the history of structural racism, oppression, and the nature of predatory surveillance in New Haven.

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