Environmental Education Collaborative (EECO)


Founded in April 2019, the Environmental Education Collaborative (EECO) stands as Yale’s pioneering student organization committed to fostering environmental consciousness among K-12 students in New Haven. Our mission revolves around cultivating strong connections with local schools and community organizations. EECO achieves this by crafting and delivering place-based curricula, leading educational field trips within New Haven, and executing sustained environmental education projects that enhance and broaden students’ classroom learning experiences.

Our Mission:

At the core of our mission is the dedication to inspire a generation of environmentally-conscious individuals. Through hands-on teaching in New Haven schools, we aim to instill a passion for environmental science and environmental humanities in K-12 students. By developing meaningful relationships with local educational institutions and community organizations, EECO strives to contribute to the collective effort of creating a more environmentally-aware society.

Our Activities:

EECO’s direct service approach involves our teachers engaging with middle school students multiple times each week. Through carefully designed spiral curricula and place-based pedagogies, our lessons are interactive and foster interdisciplinary learning. The hands-on, experiential nature of our activities aims to make environmental education engaging and memorable for students.

In addition to in-class interactions, EECO takes students on field trips throughout New Haven, creating opportunities for immersive learning experiences beyond the traditional classroom setting. Our sustained environmental education projects further reinforce and expand the scope of students’ understanding, emphasizing the practical application of environmental concepts.

Student Leaders: Meet our dedicated student leaders:

  • Sarah Shapiro: Co-Coordinator/Co-President
  • Norbu Dorji: Co-Coordinator/Co-President

Our Mission:

Created in April of 2019, the Environmental Education Collaborative (EECO), is Yale’s first student organization dedicated to inspiring a generation of environmentally-conscious individuals by teaching K-12 students in New Haven. EECO builds strong relationships with local schools and community organizations by developing and teaching place-based curriculum, as well as by leading field trips in New Haven and implementing sustained environmental education projects to reinforce and expand the scope of students’ learning in the classroom.

Our Activities:

Teaching Environmental Science and Environmental Humanities to local public school students
Direct Service
EECO teachers teach middle school students several times per week, forging meaningful relationships with students through spiral curricula and place-based pedagogies. Lessons are interactive and engage students in a variety of hands-on interdisciplinary learning exercises.

EECO Environmental Education Collaborative
Direct Service
We teach students about the environment in the Boys and Girls Clubhouse of New Haven and at Bishop Woods 3x a week.

Student Leaders:

Sarah Shapiro - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Norbu Dorji - Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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