RISE: Refugee and Immigrant Student Education


Our Mission:

We seek to connect, engage, and empower New Haven’s refugee and immigrant populations and the local communities to foster inclusion and tolerance through weekly in-school and in-home cultural lessons and monthly community outreach events. RISE works with these local schools, families, and communities to create cultural awareness through our aforementioned activities.

Our Activities:

In-home and after school tutoring with IRIS New Haven
RISE provides tutors for IRIS New Haven for students at local New Haven public schools in the form of in-home and after school tutors as well as early childhood care through the Family Literacy Program.

After-School and In-Home Tutoring at IRIS
RISE partners with IRIS for Yale students to serve the local New Haven refugee community. As IRIS tutors, Yalies provide after-school and in-home tutoring, mentoring refugee youth and helping IRIS staff facilitate their integration into the surrounding communities through engaging learning and enrichment activities.

Student Leaders:

  • Claire Dow – Co-Coordinator/Co-President
  • Ellie Huh – Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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