What is the Dwight Hall Spring Break Externship?

The Externship uses Dwight Hall’s platform to connect students with short unpaid internships in the city of New Haven. Students tell us what fields they want to explore, and alums and/or community partners tell us what work they need done. We match our alumni and community hosts with a student who is ready to lend a hand over two weeks and gain valuable career experience in the process!  

We want students to come away from an experience having developed a deepened relationship with a community outside of Yale, a better understanding of how public service and social justice can fit into their lives, and tangible skills that will open the door to common good careers after graduating. 

Dwight Hall provides resources to support student fellows, and we are happy to work with community supervisors to keep in regular contact with students, provide training, and design a meaningful project together.


By taking on a student as a Dwight Hall Extern, supervisors can expect to see:

  • A capable set of hands to help take that spreadsheet, memo, or research task off your hands. We’ll let you choose which skills would be most helpful in your workplace!
  • Sustained professional relationships with Yale students, including opportunities for longer-term partnerships.
  • Connection of your organization to Dwight Hall, which mobilizes thousands of student volunteers annually. 

Dwight Hall will match you with students interested in contributing  to your goals, and exploring your objectives. Interested students will fill out an application, and the most promising placements will be directed to you. 

What do I need to be a good host/supervisor? 

  1. A community-based organization affiliation. Ideally, supervisors hold a leadership position in a New Haven organization that has the capacity to incorporate a student into daily programming from March 11th through March 22nd. If supervisors are not affiliated with the placement organization, they should be knowledgeable in the field and willing to become familiar with the student’s expectations. 
  2. Time. Partners should have the availability to accommodate the accompaniment of a student intern into daily tasks for the two week externship period. More than the capacity to check in on progress, we intend that our externs will be, to some extent, actively and continuously engaged in your job functions. 
  3. A desire to mentor. By taking on an extern, supervisors are affirming that they are willing to invest their energy and expertise into the introduction of a student to their career field. Forming a professional relationship may ultimately lead to an extern’s continued incorporation in your organization’s operations. 

Expectations for Students

Students are expected to work a minimum of 15 hours per week during the two-week period, depending on the position. They will be engaged actively in Dwight Hall led professional and personal development activities throughout the break, as well as a reflection session following the conclusion of the program. Beyond this, they are expected to behave professionally, communicate clearly with their mentor and Dwight Hall, and be respectful of the people and spaces around them. The supervisor will collaborate on an opportunity description with the student near the beginning of the externship to ensure that expectations are shared. 

Interest Form

Community leaders who are interested in hosting an extern in Spring 2024 (March 11 – March 22) should fill out the form below. https://yalesurvey.ca1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_5tiGgsCg5xZRdAy 


Do I have to be a Yale Alum or Affiliate to host a student?

Not at all! We are excited to partner with all folks in the New Haven community, whether they have a Yale affiliation or not!

Do I have to host a student for 40 hours/week for two weeks?

We strongly encourage partners to be available for at least 15  hours a week, the majority of this being in-person. However, we want to accommodate your schedules as best as possible! For example, you might want to host a student on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays, and then give your students remote work on Wednesdays. 

Do I need to pay for anything?

Hosts will incur no expenses during this program! Dwight Hall will cover meals, and students will stay in dorms. Externships will be done on a volunteer basis. 

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