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About Paper Airplanes

We believe in the power of the internet to improve educational opportunities for those who need it most. We focus on learners’ skills to access future training, employment, and higher education in their country of residence or abroad. We further hope to break down politicized cultural barriers through live and personalized instruction and by encouraging cross-cultural understanding. We know that by fostering personal relationships, mentoring goes beyond the virtual classroom into the lives of our tutors and learners.

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About the Women in Tech Program

Women in Tech (WiT) is a unique program that aims to provide women with the opportunity to learn such skills as analytics, programming, and coding. Through a series of online classes and resources, our goal is to empower women affected by conflict to pursue careers in the tech industry.

By empowering students through online classes with tutor-led instruction and ongoing mentorship, we hope to give women the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in a rapidly changing job market.

By participating in this program, you can take control of your future and build the careers you deserve. We are proud to offer this program to women across the globe and look forward to supporting you as you learn and grow in the tech industry.

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