Facilities Terms of Use

Dwight Hall at Yale welcomes Yale and community groups to its building for a variety of events and activities. The following policies will assure its proper use, for the enjoyment of all.

Dwight Hall’s main office is open Monday – Friday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. The building is open to students and others with Yale ID swipe access from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM Sunday – Thursday and 8:00 AM to 2:00 AM on Friday and Saturday. We aim to be welcoming and encourage students and community members to gather at Dwight Hall. However, we strongly encourage reserving rooms ahead of time.

Room Reservation Requests

Room reservation requests are made using the online room reservation request form.

The Dwight Hall Operations Manager will review room requests during business hours. Chapel requests may also require the approval of the Yale Chaplain’s office. Once a request is approved, the requestor will receive an email confirming the date, time and room reserved.

Room Descriptions and Capacity

  • Dwight Memorial Chapel – Now used for a variety of multi-faith religious services and secular events, the Chapel was built in 1842-46 as the college library.  In 1932, with “the removal of the books” to the new Sterling Memorial Library, the large central space was converted to create the Dwight Memorial Chapel in honor of Timothy Dwight.  The Chapel holds 120 with flexible seating and contains the Bozyan Memorial Organ built by Rudolf von Beckerath in 1971. *The Chapel is not air conditioned.*
  • The Common Room – This 600 square foot high-ceilinged room typical of old Yale buildings is ideal for small conferences, lunches and meetings for up to 80 people. *The Common Room is not air conditioned.*
  • The Library – The library houses a small collection of books as well as photos of Dwight Hall’s leaders throughout the years. Its large couches make for a comfortable meeting space for groups of up to 25.
  • The SJN Room – The Social Justice Network Room is a classroom style room with a large screen and 2 full walls of white-boards. It is ideal for workshops with up to 20 people.
  • The EdNet Room – The Education Network Room has a large screen, three couches, a whiteboard wall and a nice view. It is a great space for a casual meeting or brainstorming session for up to 20 people.


Users that are not affiliated with or sponsored by Dwight Hall or the Chaplain’s Office will be charged a fee to use Dwight Hall spaces. The following rates are applicable for all of Dwight Hall’s rooms. 

Semesterly, for recurring use
throughout a semester

Fees for Special Events

Chapel Memorial Service            Yale affiliated                Non-Yale affiliated
            $100.00/hour                      $200.00/hour
Chapel Wedding Ceremony

Additional fees will be added
if additional rooms are used.
            Yale affiliated                Non-Yale affiliated
              $1500.00                              $2000.00
includes a $250.00 non-refundable deposit
required at time of contract signature

does not include Sexton’s fee

Payments can be made online, in cash or by check payable to Dwight Hall at Yale and should be made before the event takes place.


Students, community members and organizations not affiliated with Dwight Hall can apply for Dwight Hall sponsorship of their event and/or a fee waiver.

Rooms Keys and Equipment

If a room reservation requires the use of a room key or additional equipment that is not already present in the room, the user will need to review the Equipment Terms of Use and submit an equipment reservation request.

Room Maintenance

Groups reserving a room are responsible for maintaining the condition of that room. Furniture and equipment should be returned to their original location and kept in their original condition. Trash should be disposed of, lights turned off, windows closed. Nothing should be stapled or taped to the walls or woodwork in the Chapel or elsewhere in the building.

Failure to comply may result in fees for any required repairs or cleaning.


Dwight Hall at Yale follows all guidance issued by Yale University.

Prohibited at Dwight Hall

  • Smoking and alcohol or drug use of any kind is forbidden in the building and will not be tolerated. If there is evidence of this activity the event will be halted by Yale Police and the room will be cleared. Further action will be taken by the Dean of Student Affairs.
  • The only social functions to be held at Dwight Hall at Yale are Receptions (such as weddings, memorials, special events). Adult and teen dances are not permitted.
  • Sleeping and overnight activities are not permitted without special approval from ExComm and the Executive Director. Everyone should leave the building by 11:00 PM on Sunday – Thursday and by 2:00 AM on Saturday and Sunday mornings.
  • Dwight Hall at Yale’s non-profit status prohibits from charging any entrance fees or selling tickets to their event. Member groups wishing to request voluntary donations must get approval from the Executive Director and Finance Manager.


Any Dwight Hall at Yale users whose event is not sponsored by Yale or Dwight Hall at Yale are required to be insured for liability and must give evidence of $2,000,000 limit of general liability insurance from a company licensed to do business in Connecticut in the form of a Certificate of Insurance that names Yale University as additional insured. The certificate should be submitted before the event. If one does not possess liability insurance, coverage can also be purchased from Yale through URMIA. The TULIP insurance policy provides a standard amount of $1,000,000 of coverage. Users must select to add an additional $1, 000,000 of coverage to reach the $2,000,000 requirement. This typically costs between $200-$400 for a one-day event.


For any performances taking place in Dwight Hall, it is necessary to meet all requirements of Undergraduate Production.


Groups agree to indemnify and hold Dwight Hall and Yale University harmless from and for any damages, claims, actions or other expenses arising out of the use of Dwight Hall by group and due to the negligent acts or misconduct of group, its members, agents or attendees.

Disciplinary Action

It is important that all individuals and groups using the building do so with a spirit of cooperation and respect. Any violations to the policies described below may lead Dwight Hall to limit or terminate the user’s ability to use Dwight Hall spaces. Serious violations by Yale students may require referral to the student’s Dean for further disciplinary action.