First Strokes Ltd.

Our Mission:

First Strokes is a not-for-profit that offers free swim lessons to students. It strives to open the world of swimming and water safety to young people who have not had the opportunity to learn to swim. With peers teaching their peers to swim, the joy of the water is spread and a community of students is formed in the pool -- helping prevent future drownings and lessening the fear so many have of the water.

Our Activities:

Free Swim Lessons for Yale Students
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First Strokes Ltd. is planning to offer free swim lessons weekly for Yale students who never had the opportunity to learn to swim before. Fellow Yale students will lead the lessons, creating a peer to peer community within the pool

Free Swim Lessons for Brown Students
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First Strokes is currently expanding its program to other schools across the country, including public high schools in NYC and colleges. Currently, a chapter of First Strokes is being launched at Brown University, where Brown students will learn to swim for free from their peers.

Free Swim Lessons in NYC
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Free swim lessons are also offered by First Strokes in NYC to nine public high schools.

Free swim lessons for high schoolers in New Haven
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First Strokes offered free swim lessons each Thursday to high school students at New Career High School.

Student Leaders:

Sylvie Goldner - Coordinator/President

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