Our Mission:

Our mission is to introduce Robotics and STEM to under-resourced communities to prepare them for success in a technology driven world. We hope to encourage imagination and team work, inspire students to pursue STEM careers, and have fun at the same time.

Our Activities:

Teaching robotics to New Haven children
Direct Service
Every other Sunday, there will be a lecture and activity for the kids participating in the program. The beginning lectures are more focused on basic scientific concepts; such as, density, gravity, volume etc. But as we progress throughout the semester, the focus will shift more towards building a VEX robot with a pre-selected team. The kids themselves are responsible for leading construction activities and choosing how to customize their robot, while the team leader (a volunteer) will help guide them in their endeavors. On the final day of Funbotics, we host a large competition where each team battles with their robots to complete a set of tasks. This represents the culmination of all their learning and hard work, and they get a certificate of completion (& there's a pizza party!).

Funbotics Sessions
We host a seven-session workshop where Pathways middle school students build robots in teams with guidance from Yale College students. The series is designed to teach core engineering skills, team building, critical thinking, and problem solving while having FUN! At the end of the program, students and their newly-built robotic creations face-off in a cone-stacking competition.

Student Leaders:

Kaleb Gezahegn - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Nimran Shergill - Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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