Information for Drivers


  • “Ava” – White Dodge Caravan, License plate 36CL69
  • “Herb” – Silver Ford Fusion, License plate C305659
  • “Jean” – Gray Ford Fusion, License plate C300894
  • “Jerry” – White Ford Escape, License plate C305661
  • “Lorax” – Blue Honda Civic, License plate 755TMK
  • “Tom” – Gray Ford Escape, License plate C305653
  • “Valerie” – Gray Honda Civic, License plate 473TKE

Parking Lot Map

map of Lot80T, intersection of Crown and York Streets


Before you drive:

  • Note the starting mileage for your driver report

When you’re done:

  • The gas tank must be filled at least 1/2 way.
  • The headlights must be turned off.
  • The windows must be closed.
  • All trash must be removed.
  • Gas card and proxy card must be left in compartment.
  • Note the ending mileage and complete the driver’s report
  • Return keys immediately after use. If the Dwight Hall office is closed, please put key in the black drop box by the main office door. 

Emergency Numbers

  • Police 911
  • Campus Police 203 432 4400
  • Roadside assistance 1 800 842 0071 (refer to the information on the back of the Wex gas card)
  • Yale Security (for parking issues) 203 785 555