Vehicle Terms of Use

If you have any questions regarding the Vehicle Terms of Use policy explained below, please contact the Dwight Hall Help Account or call 203 432 2420.  
Only members of Dwight Hall-affiliated member groups and institutional programs are allowed to use these vehicles for stated community engagement purposes. Additionally, in order to use Dwight Hall vehicles, students need to be registered as drivers with Dwight Hall. 

Becoming a Registered Driver

In order to become a registered driver with Dwight Hall, please:

  • Read through the Vehicle Terms of Use policy on this page 
  • Request access to the Drivers Safety Awareness Training Course.  To complete the request, students will need to upload a copy of their driver’s license. Dwight Hall will accept any valid US or Canadian license.  
  • Complete the Driver Safety Awareness Training Course. After completing the request, students will receive a link to the training course via email and should follow the instructions in the email to complete the course.  
  • Save a copy of the Drivers Safety Awareness Training Course certificate of completion and email it to The student will receive an email confirmation that they are now a registered driver. 
  • Apply for a fuel pin code. For any questions regarding pin code, please contact Yale Fleet at or 203-432-2285. 

Accessing a Vehicle

Requests are reviewed continuously during business hours (Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm). Please submit requests at least 1 business day in advance but no more than 2 weeks in advance. After review, you will receive an email confirming that your request has been approved or explaining why it was denied.  

In an urgent situation, a vehicle may be requested for same day use, and Dwight Hall staff will aim to respond immediately but this cannot be guaranteed. In this case, please call Dwight Hall 203-432-2420 to confirm that your request has been received.

  • Keys 

Drivers must come to Dwight Hall’s main office during business hours (Monday – Friday, 9am-5pm) to pick up and sign out keys. Only drivers with reservations can pick up keys.

If a vehicle is being used on the weekend, students will need to pick up keys on Friday. 

  • Parking 

Vehicles are parked in Lot 80T at the corner of Crown Street and York Street, in the back left section of the lot when driving in. The lot is gated 24 hours. To get out of the lot, the gate will automatically go up but coming back in, students must use the proxy card (white card the size of an ID) and swipe it in front of the sensor. Proxy cards and Wex fuel cards are located in the glove compartment or center console box (between the front seats).  

  • Gas 

The gas tank needs to be filled at least halfway before bringing the car back to the lot.  If it is not, drivers must fill the tank. Drivers should use the Wex card found Only regular gas should be used. At the pump, drivers will be prompted to provide the mileage from the odometer and to provide their personal fuel pin code that they were assigned. 

  • Battery Cutoff 

All Dwight Hall cars are equipped with a battery cutoff switch to preserve the life of the battery. It is a chrome switch located under the steering wheel. The switch will need to be engaged (towards the steering wheel) before each use and disengaged (towards the floor pedals) after each use. 

Returning Vehicles and Keys

  • Vehicles must be returned to their designated lots immediately after use and within the reserved time. 
  • Keys and mileage forms must be returned to the Dwight Hall immediately after reservation ends even if the office is closed.
  • If the office is closed, keys and mileage forms should be returned in the black drop by the main office door.  
  • Keys may not be passed on to any other person unless specific permission from Dwight Hall is granted. This is sometimes needed during periods when the cars are in very frequent use. Such key transfers will be coordinated by Dwight Hall. Otherwise, the driver who signed the key out is responsible for the keys until they are returned to Dwight Hall.

General Guidelines

  • It is imperative that all drivers and passengers have safety belts fastened when the vehicle is in motion. 
  • Minors are not allowed to be transported in Dwight Hall vehicles. 
  • Personal use of the vehicles is never permitted.  
  • Vehicles may not be used when driving conditions are unsafe due to inclement weather. Please call the Dwight Hall main office at 203 432 2420 if you have any doubts. 
  • Vehicles cannot be used outside of the state of Connecticut. 
  • Vehicle use overnight requires special approval which takes additional time. To request vehicle usage overnight, first email to explain the logistics. The request will be reported to the Co-coordinators of the student Executive Committee. The entire committee will then make their decision on whether or not it is acceptable to let the vehicle out overnight.
  • All students are responsible for cleaning up the vehicle as needed (i.e.: throw away trash) and to report any damage to the vehicle to the Operations Manager at 203 432 2420.

Cancelling Reservations

If a driver realizes that they will not need the vehicle as originally planned, they must let Dwight Hall know via email or telephone as early as possible so that the vehicle can be made available to other drivers.

Accidents and Tickets

  • In case of an accident, the first step is to make sure everyone is okay. It is best if the vehicle can be moved off or to the side of the road.  If not, the drivers and passengers need to get out of the car and as far off the road as possible to prevent any injury from secondary accidents. If someone is injured, they shouldn’t be moved until first responders arrive unless leaving them in the vehicle would endanger their lives (i.e. a fire develops).  If the vehicle needs to be towed, the police will usually make the necessary arrangements. If the car can still be driven, please return it to Lot80T once the police allow it. 
  • Any accidents must be reported to the Dwight Hall main office as soon as possible and to the local police. A police report is needed no matter what kind of accident it is. If no one answers the telephone at Dwight Hall, you must leave a voicemail message with as much information as possible. An accident report form must be completed within 24 hours of the accident.
  • Dwight Hall insurance carries a $500 deductible. Drivers are responsible for the deductible if the damage is the result of negligence. 
  • Towing fees are the responsibility of the driver if due to negligence. 
  • Parking tickets are the responsibility of the driver and must be reported to the Dwight Hall Main Office. Do not leave parking tickets in the vehicle. 
  • Drivers are responsible for lost vehicles key(s). 
  • Yale student volunteers assume personal liability if they drive their own cars

Breakdowns and Maintenance Issues

If you have a breakdown or maintenance issue, roadside assistance is available via Wex (1 800 842 0071). The number can be found on the back of the fuel card in the vehicle . Drivers must be able to provide the vehicle VIN number, the current mileage,  their personal fuel card code, the car’s number found on the Wex fuel card stored in the center console box (between the front seats).

Drivers should call Dwight Hall to report the issue even if they are able to resolve the issue by calling Wex. If no one answers, please leave a detailed message. Dwight Hall will return the call as soon as possible.

Drivers should not generally have to make arrangements for towing or repairs, but phone numbers are provided on the mileage slips for emergency purposes.  

Disciplinary Action

If a student violates this Vehicle Terms of Use policy, Dwight Hall may limit or terminate the student’s ability to access Dwight Hall vehicles. Serious violations may require referral to the student’s Dean for further disciplinary action.