Ivy League for Morocco Disaster Relief

*Dwight Hall at Yale serves as a fiscal sponsor for this urgent campaign. Your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law. Your tax acknowledgment will come from Dwight Hall at Yale. 

What Happened?

On Friday, September 8th, at night, a powerful earthquake (~7 on Richter’s scale at the epicenter) devastated the High Atlas Mountain area in Morocco—southwest of Marrakech—and hugely impacted the country as a whole. The death toll is at 2901+ individuals, for 5530+ injured. Unfortunately, the numbers might keep rising as authorities rescue survivors from the ruins. 

The time is to rescue, to heal, and to reconstruct. For Human Dignity.

Image Credit: Yahoo News

What Can You Do?

We need your help! The best we can do is to fundraise. 

We are partnering with two organizations that are currently on the field: la Banque Alimentaire (Food Bank) and Al Baraka Angels. Their focus is to bring basic necessities to families in need. That means sustenance (food, water, non-perishables), a temporary shelter (tents), and hygienic products. 

Your donation will have a strong impact: these associations are mostly receiving stock of products. The stakes are with acquiring the funds to distribute them or to buy materials based on assessed needs.

1 US dollar —–>  5 loaves of bread

1 US dollar ——->   5 water bottles 

3 US dollars —–> A pack of pasta or feminine products

15 US dollars —->  1 warm blanket

20 US dollars —> A family tent

Image Credit: Mosa’ab Elshamy, Associated Press

Who Are We, and Who Do We Donate To?

We are a coalition of Moroccan students in the Ivy League. We have decided to congregate our efforts in order to maximize impact. We are also in contact with similar initiatives in Europe. We represent Yale, Brown, Columbia, UPenn and Harvard. While we may have moved to the United States for college, we have experience with the associations we donate to, and know firsthand how important their actions are.

La Banque Alimentaire (Food Bank):

Food Bank Morocco is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2002. Food Bank has experience in providing emergency humanitarian responses, such as natural catastrophes (Earthquakes of Al Hoceima, floods, brutal temperature drops…). Furthermore, Food Bank works in remote areas often for a diversity of actions: they have firsthand knowledge of the territory, and established working relations with the authorities. They will be well positioned to coordinate swift and efficient donations to the impacted families and communities.

Image Credit: Mosa’ab Elshamy, Associated Press

Al Baraka Angels:

Al Baraka Angels is a non-profit organization that was founded in 2013. Al Baraka Angels send convoys towards the Al Haouz province (most affected by the earthquakes) with mattresses, blankets, clothes, non-perishable food etc. They provide the basic necessities for families that have seen their homes destroyed. They also facilitate access to remote villages for any volunteers or rescue teams through the destroyed roads. Al Baraka angels has experience in the Al Haouz province and in working with its authorities.

Image Credit: Hannah McKay, Reuters

What’s Next?

The situation is an emergency the likes of which Morocco has not experienced in over a century; our first step is emergency relief. Our primary goal is to relieve the affected communities and victims. You CAN help a family. Once more, NO donation is too small. 

Thank you,

Ivy League For Morocco Disaster Relief


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