Migration Alliance at Yale


Our Mission:

We are an organization of undergraduate students passionately devoted to aiding refugees and forced migrants. At its core, that means supporting refugees resettled in Greater New Haven. It also means fostering awareness of the worldwide refugee crisis through campus advocacy.

Our Activities:

Translation and interpretation services for Spanish-speaking undocumented immigrants and asylum seek
Direct Service
One of MAY’s newest teams, the Immigration Group, focuses on direct assistance and volunteer work in the greater New Haven area related to Spanish-speaking undocumented immigrants and asylum seekers. Partnering with local community leaders and organizations (including CT Shoreline Indivisible), the Immigration Group provides translation and interpretation services, country conditions research, general legal research, and support to undocumented immigrants in the New Haven area facing ongoing deportation cases.

College and Career Readiness
Direct Service
The College and Career Readiness Team works alongside IRIS to provide refugee and immigrant youth with academic and career support. We work with students to guide them in the process of applying to colleges, internships, volunteer work, and jobs. During meetings, we often hold workshops on topics such as financial aid and scholarships, and we tutor students with homework and other assignments based on individual needs.

Student Leaders:

Maheen Iqbal - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Selin Nalbantoglu - Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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