Yale Votes

Our Mission:

Yale Votes is a non-partisan organization that strives to increase civic engagement among all Yalies. We work to make the voting process as easy and clear as possible through active engagement with every member of the student body.

Our Activities:

Ballots @ Buttery Nights
Direct Service
We will go to various residential college Butteries and buy a small, very inexpensive for students who fill out the form to sign up for Yale's voter registration and election reminder software, TurboVote

La Casa Speaker Event
Advocacy, or Activism
We will host speakers along with La Casa to discuss democracy and engage voters for upcoming elections.

Voter Registration Tabling
Advocacy, or Activism
We will have tables set up at various locations around campus, and we will stop students to help them register to vote, get reminders to vote, etc.

Student Leaders:

Nikita Paudel - Coordinator/President

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