Muslim Leadership Lab


Our Mission:

The Muslim Leadership Lab at Dwight Hall at Yale has hosted a range of prominent university events this winter that sit at the nexus of Muslim life, community, Black intersectionality and dialogue surrounding Black feminism.

The leadership program hosted three events: The Third Annual Lecture Honoring the Life and Work of Betty Shabazz & Malcolm X on the 56th Anniversary of His Assassination, Over a Black Coffee: Talking with Sister Betty & Brother Malcom, and the 2021 Ivy Muslims Conference. The first of its kind at an Ivy League school, the Muslim Leadership Lab gives participating cohort students an opportunity to engage with ideas, tools, and practical training that will allow them – as young changemakers and leaders – to more fully engage with other like-minded, diverse emerging leaders to create lasting change for social, political, and economic justice. The Muslim Leadership Lab seeks to build community-based leadership from within Dwight Hall at Yale, empowering students to build programs and networks of compassion, justice, and resilience. This spring, more than a dozen cohort members will engage in seminars exploring effective community conversations for social justice.

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