Student ExComm Kicks Off the Year with the Fall 2022 Service Bazaar

On Wednesday, September 14th, the Dwight Hall Student Executive Committee (ExComm) held its annual Fall Service Bazaar. The Service Bazaar tradition hails back to the late 1980s when it was termed the “Dwight Hall Open House”. This fall, over half of Dwight Hall’s 80+ member groups came out to table and speak with first-years and undergraduates about service opportunities at Yale, New Haven, and beyond. Hear from Taylor Dallin ’24 and Krupa Subramaniam ’25, both member group leaders, and William An ’24, Dwight Hall’s ExComm Co-Coordinator, in their own words below: 

“It was lovely seeing so many student leaders come together at last week’s Dwight Hall Bazaar under the common goal of promoting justice and fighting the good fight. The event felt, at once, like a beacon of hope and a marker of the starting line for what is bound to be an incredible year of meaningful work. I got to help run the booth for the Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association (YULAA) and can say with the utmost confidence that the bazaar renewed my commitment to our core values. It wasn’t just a fair for people to advertise their clubs; it was a confluence of different lived experiences and approaches to advancing social change. Exchanging stories with new members and taking a stroll around other organizations’ booths reminded me of why I ran for a leadership position in YULAA in the first place. I, alongside my fellow Board members, send love and gratitude to the amazing folks at Dwight Hall for their hard work in making this special event a reality. I can’t wait to see what we accomplish together in the year ahead!”

– Taylor Dallin ’24, Internal President of YULAA

“I had a great time engaging with first-years and sophomores at the Dwight Hall Bazaar while promoting the Yale Public Health Coalition. I loved seeing so many students not only dissatisfied with the polarization and toxicity of today’s public health discourse but also energized to address these issues. I’m so excited about the ways that we’re trying to tackle this stigma this year: creating a newsletter and podcast to encourage constructive conversation, and working with the Yale School of Medicine, American Heart Association, and New Haven Department of Health to motivate community engagement in reducing hypertension prevalence.

Dwight Hall is unique in the diversity of the clubs it sponsors: the different types of organizations at the bazaar exemplify Yale students’ far-ranging interests and Dwight Hall’s commitment to finding new ways to enrich the community. Getting involved with community service has never been easier—there’s an organization serving the community in almost every way!”

– Krupa Subramaniam ’25, Board Member of the Yale Public Health Coalition and Yale Demos

“It was so exciting to see so many of our Member Groups again as they shared their work. New Haven community partners were also a part of the bazaar. We are very excited for the future to come, especially to regain momentum and start new traditions.”

– William An ’24, Dwight Hall Student Executive Committee Co-Coordinator

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