Urban Improvement Corps

Urban Improvements Corps

Our Mission:

The mission of the UIC is to spark intellectual growth amongst youth. Through mentorship, tutoring, and academic classes, the program seeks to assist students in achieving academic success, and to inspire inner-city students to succeed beyond the classroom and in the professional world.

Our Activities:

Urban Improvement Corps (UIC) Direct Service UIC is a tutoring and mentoring program that serves elementary, middle, and high school students in the New Haven area. We match Yale students with a student in the community, and through weekly meetings and group events, we help mentees succeed inside and outside the classroom. We strive to build a community of Yale tutors by providing opportunities for tutors to meet with and without their mentees and engage in helpful discourse on how to be good mentors and ensure they are also benefiting from the mentorship. We hope to expand our reach into the New Haven community and serve even more schools and students.

Student Leaders:

Lauren Okine - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Munira Elbashir - Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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