Wedding Terms of Use

These terms of use are specific to the organization of weddings in Dwight Memorial Chapel. Before reading further, please read Dwight Hall at Yale’s general Facilities Terms of Use. These terms are additional to those.

Dwight Hall’s team does not include a wedding planner. Our staff will be happy to help facilitate the organization of a wedding by guiding the celebrants through the steps required to confirm the reservation and helping them to identify the Yale offices and community resources they need to contact to make their arrangements.

The Chapel

Dwight Memorial Chapel is located on the Yale University Old Campus and is the physical center of Dwight Hall. The Chapel was built in 1842-46 as the college library.  In 1932, with “the removal of the books” to the new Sterling Memorial Library, the large central space was converted to create the Dwight Memorial Chapel in honor of Timothy Dwight.  The Chapel seats 120 with flexible seating and holds the Bozyan Memorial Organ built by Rudolf von Beckerath in 1971. Please note that the Chapel is not air conditioned.


Requests to reserve the Chapel for weddings must be submitted through an online form. 

The Dwight Hall Operations Manager (203-432-2420) will review room requests during office hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and contact requesters to confirm details before confirming the request. 

Please read the rest of these terms of use before proceeding to the wedding reservation request form.


For rental fees for the Chapel and other Dwight Hall rooms, please see the Facilities Terms of Use.

Yale Affiliation

To be considered “affiliated” with Yale, at least one of the people getting married must be a current student, faculty member or employee or an alumnus of Yale.


Dwight Hall at Yale users are required to be insured for liability and must give evidence of $2,000,000 limit of general liability insurance from a company licensed to do business in Connecticut in the form of a Certificate of Insurance which names Yale University as additional insured. The certificate should be submitted to Dwight Hall, and we will send it to the Office of General Counsel for final review and approval.  

TULIP (Tenants’ and Users’ Liability Insurance Policy) coverage can be purchased through URMIA. Insurance application must be completed online. The Tulip insurance coverage is for $1,000,000. When completing the application, users must select to add an additional $1,000,000 of coverage to meet the $2,000,000 requirement.

License Agreement

A License Agreement approved by the Yale University Office of General Counsel is required to confirm the wedding reservation. It can be signed once the insurance policy is shared and approved.


The Chapel can accommodate 120 people. The Common Room will accommodate 80 for a reception. 

The Chapel’s Sexton

The services of the Chapel’s sexton are required. Seating arrangements are made with the Sexton, who should be notified of your wedding date/rehearsal as soon as possible. Scheduling his services and fees must be negotiated directly with Mr. Steven Crawford at home (203)787-4000 or on his cell (203)868-8098. The fee is $150. If a reception is included, he will charge an additional sum.


There is no official officiant of Dwight Memorial Chapel. The celebrants must make their own arrangements with someone who is able to perform weddings in Connecticut. (See section 3 of Marriage in Connecticut document.)

The Yale Chaplain’s Office (203) 432-1128 can recommend local officiants.


Celebrants in need of an organist should email Prof. Martin Jean in the School of Music

Other Arrangements

The distance from the door to the organ screen is approx. 81 feet. A 75-foot runner will be more than sufficient.  Check with your minister regarding candles and other altar decorations. For receptions of 25 or more people, we suggest that you have a caterer. 

Security needs when Old Campus is closed

Old Campus gates are locked during the time frame students are not on campus.  This means that a security officer will need to be hired to stand at the closed High Street gate to let the wedding party and guests inside the campus.  

This includes: Thanksgiving break (goes from the Friday before Thanksgiving through that week), winter break (goes from the Friday before Christmas through the first weekend in January), and Summer evenings (goes from the end of June through August).  If a couple would like to get married during one of these times, they will be responsible for the cost of a Yale security guard.   


Bagging of meters is arranged through the New Haven Transportation Department. You can find more information on their website.

Metered parking is available on most streets near Old Campus.

There are also several parking garages close by.

Directions and Contact information

To submit a wedding reservation request, please use the wedding reservation form.