Witnesses to Hunger Food Distribution Fundraiser

Donate to Witnesses to Hunger’s campaign to help combat hunger for kids in school over the upcoming April break! We need to fundraise $4,000 for grocery distributions for families that rely on school-provided meals over spring break. When kids aren’t in school, many don’t have access to food!

For the past several years, Witnesses to Hunger has been working to ensure that kids and families in New Haven have enough food to eat during school breaks when free school meals are not available. We are mothers, grandmothers, family members, and allies fighting for our lives and for the right to have enough food to live healthy lives. 

During times when schools are closed, groceries are distributed at several schools in New Haven. There is no extra money in the school budget to cover this! In 2023, pandemic relief ran out, and less funds were available, even though hunger is still surging. LAST YEAR WE REACHED ONLY A FRACTION OF THE PEOPLE WHO CAME OUT. MANY FAMILIES WITH KIDS WERE TURNED AWAY WHEN GROCERIES RAN OUT! 

Now, Witnesses to Hunger and our partners are fundraising $4,000 by April 1st to help out New Haven families and kids by distributing grocery bags to families whose kids receive free school lunches. Donate here through GoFundMe!

This is only one element of a systemic issue in New Haven of Yale not investing enough in its city. Witnesses to Hunger and partners are committed to advocating that Yale contributes more to the people of New Haven. Yale’s financial contribution is necessary to fight food insecurity in our city. Learn more about our cause here, and sign our petition demanding Yale invest more in New Haven here.

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