Yale EMS


Our Mission:

The purpose of this organization is to provide direct emergency medical care, training in emergency medical care, and to reduce morbidity and mortality in the areas of service in which we work.

Our Activities:

Wilderness and situational awareness training scenarios
Direct Service
By training EMTs and members of the community in unique environments we hope to increase the collaboration between Yale EMS and the surrounding community while increasing preparedness for emergency situations — wherever they might happen. By taking a trip to East Rock or a local beach, we plan on educating EMTs and community members on how to adapt to changing scenarios and different resources.

Free CPR and First-Aid Workshops
Advocacy, or Activism
Yale EMS provides free workshops to the Yale New Haven community with the goal of increasing public knowledge of basic first aid. We aim to make our community a safer place for everyone by providing free training to anyone who is interested!

Blood Pressure Screening and EMS Informational Table
Advocacy, or Activism
Our organization will set up a tabling site within the community to offer blood pressure screenings and relevant emergency services information. This program will allow Yale student EMTs to act as liasons to the community and put forward actionable health information to reduce morbidity and mortality in our community.

Student Leaders:

Andrew Du - Coordinator/President Patryk Dabek - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Abe Tolkoff - Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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