Yale EMS


Our Mission:

The purpose of this organization is to provide direct emergency medical care, training in emergency medical care, and to reduce morbidity and mortality in the areas of service in which we work.

Our Activities:

Narcan & Opioid Overdose Training
Direct Service
We are providing this training as Narcan becomes available to us. Our curriculum is rooted in prioritizing a medical response and engaging in the principles of harm reduction to prevent further stigmatizing people who use drugs and criminalizing opioid overdoses.

Medical Skills Trainings
Direct Service
In the past, we've collaborated with US Army Medical to provide Suture Clinics and Stop the Bleed Trainings. We hope to continue providing these skills-based trainings to our community.

Heart Health Campus Fair: Prevention, Intervention, Preparedness
Direct Service
In partnership with Hypertension Awareness and Prevention Project at Yale, we will be holding the Heart Health Campus fair this semester. We will provide blood pressure screenings and distribute educational materials (prevention), teach CPR/AED training (intervention), and teach community members how to set up their Medical ID to facilitate fast EMS response in an emergency (preparedness)

Public Health Fair
Direct Service
YEMS will be supporting the Public Health Week on campus, providing CPR/AED Training and Medical Emergency Preparedness trainings for community members

File of Life Programming during Family Weekend
Direct Service
The File of Life program is designed to help YEMS and other first responders to quickly obtain your medical history in an emergency. This effort helps support patient needs and establish emergency contact information, helping to save lives.

East Rock Member Wilderness Training
Direct Service
Yale EMS is committed to continuous training to ensure that our members are equipped to stabilize, assess, treat, and protect patients in all scenarios.

YEMS ResCo Hands-only CPR Classes
Direct Service
Hands-Only CPR is a program designed for lay people to respond to sudden cardiac
arrest in an out-of-hospital setting. The course YEMS will teach is based upon current guidelines
from Emergency Care and Safety Institute (ECSI), the American Heart Association, and the
American Red Cross. The class will be taught by student members of Yale EMS, all certified
EMTs in Connecticut (and mostly undergraduates). We will teach participants how to recognize
and respond to sudden cardiac arrest and activate EMS.

Harm Reduction and Naloxone Use Information from Yale EMS
Direct Service
Yale Emergency Medical Services (YEMS) is committed to enhancing campus safety by educating our community on harm reduction, particularly in the use of naloxone. In response to the opioid crisis impacting communities nationwide, including university campuses, YEMS seeks to proactively empower individuals to make life-saving decisions. Naloxone plays a pivotal role in this effort, as teaching our campus community how to use it effectively enables them to potentially save lives during emergencies. Our ultimate goal is to create a more compassionate and secure campus environment, with harm reduction education forming a crucial part of our mission, reinforcing our dedication to campus health and safety.

Community Hands-Only CPR/AED Training
Advocacy, or Activism
To fulfill our role as the only on-campus CPR/AED educator, we hope to invite community members, students, and visitors to our brief 5-minute trainings!

Yale EMS T-Shirt Fundraiser for Public Health Projects
Yale EMS has always been on the sidelines of Football games, ensuring the safety of athletes during games. But our mission goes beyond that. We believe in a holistic approach to healthcare, extending our care to all students on campus.

With this fundraiser, we aim to bring together the best of both worlds - the thrill of sports and the dedication to public health. By purchasing our unique T-shirt, you not only show your support for our organization but also contribute to crucial public health initiatives on campus such as naloxone saturation and cardiac health efforts.

Student Leaders:

Patryk Dabek - Coordinator/President Tenzin Dhondup - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Ava Boston - Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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