Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association (YULAA)


Our Mission:

The Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association (YULAA) is a Yale College student organization which broadly speaking promotes human rights through legal empowerment on and off campus. Members work with various legal aid organizations and advocacy groups in the greater New Haven area throughout the semester. YULAA also invites speakers to campus who offer direct, practical insight into the criminal justice system, the immigration crisis, refugee resettlement, among other topics.

Our Activities:

Direct Service Volunteering Direct Service offer volunteer opportunities for students to learn about legal aid in partnership with organizations in New Haven and nationwide Volunteer Projects with Partner Organizations Direct Service The Yale Undergraduate Legal Aid Association is proud to partner with organizations that provide legal aid to residents of the Greater New Haven Area. Advocacy/Speaker Events Advocacy, or Activism we learn from organizations and participate in smaller projects to help assist the organization's mission Women Against Mass Incarceration letter-writing campaign Advocacy, or Activism Women Against Mass Incarceration plans to write a piece of legislation called the Primary Caretakers Bill for the next legislative session. The bill aims to produce alternatives to incarceration for primary caretakers of family members (i.e., children, ailing spouses, aging parents, and others) through community-based programs. Once this bill has been written and submitted to the state legislature, YULAA members will write letters to Connecticut state legislators urging them to support the bill.

Student Leaders:

Esther Dominguez - Coordinator/President Taylor Dallin - Coordinator/President

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