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Co-Op After School is a grant-funded after school program operated and managed by Dwight Hall at Yale in partnership with Co-Op High School.  As the largest high school after school program in the state of Connecticut, CAS provides free, innovative programming to more than 350 high school students annually in a safe, supportive and nurturing environment.  

Yale students may become engaged with CAS as tutors, program instructors, or as programmatic support, creating the perfect environment for Yale students to achieve success in working with high school students.

Summary of Activities: 

Co-Op After School (CAS) provides free, innovative programming to high school students that allows them to choose their own after school experience in a supportive, nurturing, and safe environment. Because students are afforded the opportunity to choose from a wide range of life-enriching activities, the impact they experience is of a profound depth not commonly seen in out-of-school programming. This leads to creative expression for all students, significant social bonds among peers, improved academic performance, and interaction with the school and New Haven community. Since its inception in 2009, CAS has reinvented itself annually by listening to the students’ wants and needs and creating offerings based on their thoughtful feedback. This evolution has allowed Co-Op After School to place real value on self-discovery, artistic expression, personal growth, and community service in addition to academic achievement.

In 2015 CAS:

  • engaged 378 Co-Op High School students, grades 9 - 12;

  • offered more than 50 arts, academic, and enrichment program

  • ran and produced the Spring Musical, Fall Play, and a number of student performances each year

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