Code Haven


Our Mission:

Code Haven’s mission is to inclusively increase access to computer science among middle school students, regardless of previous interest. Code Haven hopes to encourage and inspire students of different socioeconomic backgrounds to pursue education and careers in STEM.

Our Activities:

Demo Day Direct Service During Demo Day, Code Haven offers its students an opportunity to learn more about a potential future education in computer science. We invite speakers and do activities to engage students in CS fields that they don't look into so much during the Code Haven class--things like robotics, cybersecurity, and UX design. In the virtual environment, the students will attend a Google Meets with speakers and activities, and students will also get the chance to interact with Code Haven students from different NHPS classrooms. Weekly coding classes Direct Service Each week, we go (virtually or in-person) into a classroom and teach Scratch to NHPS students for one hour on Fridays. Project Fair Direct Service Code Haven hosts multiple events throughout the year for students and teachers. In the fall, we host Demo Day to show our students the world of computer science through talks and activities. In the spring, we hold Project Fair, so all of the students can share their functional mobile apps with their classmates, teachers, and parents! It’s going to be a virtual “field trip” where students will be able to show off their work and see other students’ projects, as well as learn from an exciting guest speaker working in computer science. TeachTech Conference Direct Service TeachTech is a free conference that aims to help middle school teachers incorporate computer science into their curriculum. Many teachers are interested in teaching CS in their classes, but lack the knowledge or resources to do so. At TeachTech, we bring together teachers, administrators, and other educators nationwide and equip them with CS curriculum resources, talks from diverse CS education leaders, and findings from our own experiences teaching CS to middle schoolers. Code Haven is limited in the number of classrooms we can reach in a given year, so TeachTeach is a way of extending our impact and reaching teachers in schools we don’t have the capacity to teach at.

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