Code Haven


Our Mission:

At Code Haven, we are driven by a commitment to inclusively expand access to computer science for middle school students, irrespective of their prior interests. Our overarching goal is to inspire and encourage students from diverse socioeconomic backgrounds to explore and pursue education and careers in STEM fields.

Our Activities:

Code Haven, a Yale undergraduate student organization, dedicates itself to providing weekly computing lessons at New Haven middle schools. Through a dynamic approach that combines online lessons, unplugged activities, and engaging class-wide demonstrations, we strive to make computer science accessible to all students. Our mission remains steadfast in breaking barriers and fostering a love for coding, irrespective of prior interest or knowledge.

Student Leaders:

Meet our dedicated student leaders:

  • Gauri Purohit: Co-Coordinator/Co-President
  • Marcella Villagomez: Co-Coordinator/Co-President

Together, we are Code Haven, working towards a future where every middle school student has the opportunity to explore and excel in the world of computer science.

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