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Our Mission:

Y2Y New Haven is a joint initiative of students across New Haven, Youth Continuum, and Y2Y Network to open a student-run overnight program for young adults (ages 18-24) experiencing homelessness or housing instability in Greater New Haven. Y2Y New Haven will employ a youth-to-youth model to provide a safe and affirming environment for young adults experiencing homelessness. Y2Y guests have opportunities to collaborate with service providers, other youth experiencing homelessness, and student volunteers to create sustainable pathways out of homelessness and develop skills for long-term success. Y2Y provides opportunities for both guests and volunteers to become the next generation's leading advocates for youth-driven solutions to homelessness.

Our Activities:

Pilot Program Direct Service Attending trainings led by youth with lived experience of homelessness and volunteering in local service organizations to prepare for staffing the Y2Y New Haven overnight program, which will be under construction. Pilot Program Staffing Direct Service The Pilot Program is a group of Yale students who will be working shifts at Youth Continuum's overnight shelter. This semester, we will be rigorously training a new cohort of ~15 new members and starting shelter shifts in the spring. Some of the trainings will be virtual, but the shifts will be in-person Y2Y New Haven Student Team Activities Advocacy, or Activism Y2Y New Haven has 7 workstreams (aside from the Pilot Program). These branches of the student team work in 1) Policy development for the overnight program, 2) Fundraising for the construction of the space on 924 Grand Ave and operations, 3) Organizing in the New Haven community, 4) The design and architecture of the site construction, 5) Outreach and Advocacy in the community and at universities across New Haven, 6) The Organizational Structure between Y2Y and our community partner at an administrative and staffing level, and 7) The culture of our student team. We will hold an application process do add new members to these workstreams. Each of these workstreams will meet weekly or biweekly to work on special projects within their purview. All-team meetings will occur every month. Meetings among leadership will be weekly or biweekly. Y2Y Worksteams Student Meetings Advocacy, or Activism Workstream leaders hold biweekly working meetings with all of their students (ie in our Policy workstream, or our advocacy workstream). These will be held virtually or in-person, depending on the pandemic Y2Y New Haven Community Advisory Board Meetings Advocacy, or Activism Y2Y New Haven has a Community Advisory Board that discusses key issues facing Y2Y New Haven and dispenses invaluable and expert advice regarding the project. Members range from youth with lived experience to the New Haven Pride Center, professors at Yale with deep experience in human services to Wooster Square community members. Y2Y New Haven Student Team Fundraising Fundraising Our Finance and Fundraising workstream will work to raise funds to close the gap in our capital campaign. Y2Y Students and Families Fundraising Fundraising Y2Y student team members will run a spring "friends and families" fundraising campaign to raise money for shelter operations and engage the community in a sustained manner. This fundraiser will happen over the course of two week in early-mid April.

Student Leaders:

Sarah Guan - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Nicole Brussel Faria - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Adnan Askari - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Dyuthi Mathews Tharakan - Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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