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Our Mission:

Y2Y New Haven is a joint initiative of students across New Haven, Youth Continuum, and Y2Y Network to open a student-run overnight program for young adults (ages 18-24) experiencing homelessness or housing instability in Greater New Haven. Y2Y New Haven will employ a youth-to-youth model to provide a safe and affirming environment for young adults experiencing homelessness. Y2Y guests have opportunities to collaborate with service providers, other youth experiencing homelessness, and student volunteers to create sustainable pathways out of homelessness and develop skills for long-term success. Y2Y provides opportunities for both guests and volunteers to become the next generation's leading advocates for youth-driven solutions to homelessness.

Our Activities:

Volunteering at Youth Continuum shelter.
Direct Service
Y2Y New Haven members will volunteer weekly at Youth Continuum shelter, a local overnight crisis housing shelter for youth experiencing homelessness in New Haven.

Volunteer Program
Direct Service
Y2Y volunteers complete one weekly shift at Youth Continuum, a local overnight crisis housing shelter for youth experiencing homelessness. At their shift, volunteers will assist staff with tasks that need to be completed and build relationships with guests at the shelter.

Y2Y New Haven
Direct Service
Y2Y New Haven is an initiative of students dedicated to combating youth homelessness in the Greater New Haven area. In partnership with the non-profit Youth Continuum (YC), Y2Y New Haven works to help young adults ages 18-24 living in transitional living programs. Based on a youth-to-youth service delivery model, students help work and support YC staff in the shelter. This model is currently employed at YC’s Valley Manor Crisis Housing and efforts are being made to open a second shelter in Wooster Square (set to open 2025-26). While still in its first years of operation, Y2Y New Haven is committed to recognizing the distinct challenges and needs of homeless youth. It seeks to create a space where they can access resources, build connections, and work towards a more stable future.

Student Leaders:

Cathleen Liang - Coordinator/President

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