Our Mission:

Demos, an undergraduate service organization at Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut, is dedicated to educating local elementary students in the basic sciences while showing that science is both fun and accessible. We have a long history in the New Haven and Yale communities and are proud to be one of Yale’s most respected educational organizations. We offer a wide variety of programs. In fact, during the late ’80s and early ’90s local school standards did not mandate that science be taught in elementary schools, and so for nearly a decade, thousands of New Haven elementary students were only exposed to science through Demos.

Our Activities:

Science Outreach Direct Service Volunteers lead hands-on science activities with elementary school classrooms once a week. The goals of these lessons are to get students excited about science and expose them to new concepts through engaging activities. Science demonstrations at New Haven elementary schools Direct Service Groups of 1-2 volunteers visit schools once per week for an hour to take students through different science experiments that teach students about basic science phenomena and encourage them to learn more about science in the future! Science Outreach Direct Service This semester we plan on performing science outreach virtually. Volunteers will perform simple yet informative science projects via the schools online instruction form (Google Hangouts, Google Classrooms, Zoom). The experimental protocols that we use for instructions will be reformatted to be more accessible and easy to teach virtually.

Student Leaders:

Neeha Kothapalli - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Aden Goolsbee - Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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