Living History Project


In December 2011, the Living History Project was founded as a volunteer initiative for Yale undergraduates within Trumbull College. Now open to all Yale undergraduates, project members represent a variety of disciplines of study, extracurricular interests, and hometowns. The project’s purpose is to provide a team of undergraduates with the opportunity to improve the patient-centered experience at Yale-New Haven Hospital (YNHH). To this end, students are properly trained in patient-centered interviewing with the goal of composing patients’ non- medical histories into a narrative, which can be shared with the patient, the patient’s family, and the patient’s medical team. In this way, the project aims to bring the patient’s personal story to life so that the medical team can provide more holistic care; moreover, it provides undergraduates the opportunity to experience patient-centered interactions.

Summary of Activities: 

We will have patient interviews and patient narrative writing at Yale New Haven Hospital. Group check-ins with members to discuss how their volunteer experiences are going.

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