Public Health Coalition (PHC)

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Our Mission:

To collaboratively promote public health awareness, education, and service in the Yale and New Haven Communities.

Our Activities:

Faith-based Hypertension Program in New Haven
Direct Service
In collaboration with other clubs at Yale, two labs at the Yale School of Medicine, the New Haven Department of Health, and the American Heart Association, we will be working on developing a robust program meant to decrease hypertension prevalence in the New Haven community by relying on a system of local churches and community engagement.

March Community Workshop
Advocacy, or Activism
In honor of National Nutrition Month, PHC will be hosting a community culinary workshop for Yale students. Students will gather at a campus kitchen to collectively help cook/bake healthy dishes. We will have shifts that students can sign up for.

Community Outreach/Engagement
Advocacy, or Activism
The PHC will engage with the Yale community by promoting information on pertinent public health policies, vaccinations, etc. We will create flyers and send out information based on updating public health guidance, and host a series of events/workshops during Public Health Week (in April) and throughout the year. Additionally, we will organize a mentor/mentee program between grad students at the Yale School of Public Health and Yale College students--this will provide students with an opportunity to learn more about public health studies and shadow their mentors.

National Public Health Week Activities
Advocacy, or Activism
During National Public Health Week, PHC hosts a variety of workshops, events, and panels for the Yale Community. These events focus on several important public heath issues, such as mental health, reproductive health, and violence prevention. These events will be open to Yale students and staff.

Public Health Podcast
Advocacy, or Activism
The PHC Podcast will serve as a resource to the Yale community for constructive, facilitated discourse on public health. We hope to bring in people from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds--including faculty and students--for Q&As, interviews, debates, and more events. Podcasts will be uploaded once/month or twice/month.

Student Leaders:

Trucy Truong-Phan - Coordinator/President

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