Public Health Coalition (PHC)

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Our Mission:

To bring together those in medicine and health-related fields to promote public health and support members? professional and personal development, while engaging in community wellness projects. We engage in initiatives within the Yale community, as well as service opportunities in the greater New Haven area related to public health efforts. We also aim to provide students with professional development and preparedness through our mentorship program, speaker panels, and community events.

Our Activities:

Community Workshops Advocacy, or Activism PHC plans to host a variety of small workshops and events for the Yale community. These events will be a way for students to learn more about public health efforts, as well as how to incorporate them into their own lives. These workshops include, but are not limited to, cooking workshops, wellness breaks, speaker panels, and Q&A sessions. MPH Mentorship Program Research & Public Policy Analysis Undergraduate students will have the opportunity to be paired with graduate students from the Yale School of Public Health. Mentorship pairings will be based on shared academic interests. Students can meet with their mentors to discuss academic goals, prospective careers, and research opportunities within the field of public health. This collaborative mentorship program aims to foster a supportive learning environment and facilitate the exchange of knowledge between undergraduate and graduate students. Public Health Podcast Research & Public Policy Analysis The PHC Podcast will serve as a resource to the Yale community for constructive, facilitated discourse on public health. We hope to bring in people from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds--including faculty and students--for Q&As, interviews, debates, and more events. Podcasts will be uploaded once/month or twice/month.

Student Leaders:

Trucy Truong-Phan - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Nabihah Ahsan - Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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