Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)

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Our Mission:

SSDP aims to replace the disastrous war on drugs with policies rooted in science, compassion, and human rights. We hope to make change from our campus to the United Nations.

Our Activities:

Narcan Certification Course
Direct Service
On November 7th 2022, we hosted a Narcan Certification course for members of the Yale Community. This course sold out within a week (30 tickets), and had an active waitlist. The craziest part: I didn’t even advertise it! I sent an email to our mailing list, and word just spread from there. It’s clear that there is a need for this type of training on campus, and we hope to provide more trainings similar to this one for students in the future!

Narcan Certification
Direct Service
We will host a session for our members to get Narcan certification.

SSDP x NightCap Pilot Project
Direct Service
On February 6th 2022, SSDP @ Yale (@SSDPYale) officially introduced NightCaps to the undergraduate Yale community, a reusable drink-spiking prevention product that is placed onto the user’s cup, providing an extra layer of protection between the user’s drink and the rest of the world. As the event sold out within five days, it's clear that there is a want and need for this type of technology within the campus community. SSDP@Yale strives to fill this gap.

Movie Night
Direct Service
Will host a drug-policy-related movie night.

Group Narcan Training
Direct Service
This will be a group training on how to administer Narcan, a drug which can reverse the effects of an opioid overdose. This training will focus on how to administer, store, and access Narcan. It will also teach how to recognized the signs of an overdose and how to facilitate recovery.

Drug Information Panel
Advocacy, or Activism
Possibly over Zoom (or in-person abiding by COVID policies), we will host a panel on the topic of drug policy, usage, impacts, and reform.

Student Leaders:

Amanda Ivatorov - Coordinator/President

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