Our Mission:

Synapse is the outreach branch of Yale Scientific Magazine, and we work on a variety of projects and events that connect local students from around New Haven, as well as other members of the New Haven community, to the STEM resources at Yale. We organize lectures and demonstrations that spark young students’ interests in STEM, and we work strongly in conjunction with Yale Pathways to Science, a non-profit partnered with Yale University and the Office of New Haven and State Affairs that also works on extending teaching and mentoring resources from Yale to the New Haven community.

Our Activities:

Direct Service
SciTalks is an interactive event where high school students in the local area will have the opportunity to learn more about different forms of scientific literature and topics in scientific research. Students will break up into groups and work together to discuss and come up with responses to several prompts.

Resonance Conference
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Resonance Conference is our biggest outreach event of the semester that serves as an opportunity for interested high school students in the local area to learn more about the sciences and meet other like-minded students. There will be guest lectures and interactive portions of the conference for students.

Yale Synapse Annual Essay Contest
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Yale Synapse holds an annual essay contest to promote student engagement and creativity by responding to scientific prompts. Different age divisions and essay prompts range from elementary to high school.

Student Leaders:

Lucy Zha - Co-Coordinator/Co-President Krishna Dasari - Co-Coordinator/Co-President

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