Yale Muslim Students Association (MSA)


Our Mission:

The Muslim Students Association provides Yale students the opportunity to come together in a supportive Muslim environment and seeks to educate the Yale and New Haven communities about Islam. All students, both undergraduate and graduate, and community members are welcome to MSA religious, social and political events. Above all, we recognize that students are at varied levels in their own faiths, and we are welcoming to all, regardless of the extent of religious knowledge or determination.

Our Activities:

New Haven Soup Kitchen
Direct Service
The Muslim Students Association aims to collaborate with the Yale Community Kitchen to support their efforts in helping provide and serve food to the New Haven community every day of the week. We also hope to expand these efforts by purchasing food and supplies to serve weekly lunches to the broader New Haven community as well.

Local Community Volunteering
Direct Service
We look forward to volunteering in the local community, primarily by tutoring students at local mosques such as Masjid-Al-Islam and providing school supplies and other essentials that will benefit the community at large.

Speaker Events
Advocacy, or Activism
We will be hosting multiple speaker events related to social justice. We will need to pay for refreshments as well as honorariums.

Advocacy Speaker Events
Advocacy, or Activism
We will be hosting many diverse speakers to give insight and advocate for various social justice issues and how best we can support these movements.

Student Leaders:

Zahra Yarali - Coordinator/President

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