Dwight Hall at Yale On-Boards 2021 Student Executive Committee Leadership

This February, Dwight Hall on-boarded its 2021 Student Executive Committee Leadership! This year’s Student Executive Committee brings a new approach for student groups to be a part of Dwight Hall’s programs and student-led initiatives. 

Coming off of the success of the 2020 Student Executive Committee (ExComm) in establishing high-impact projects, such as the 2020 Chromebooks Campaign and the creation of aid opportunities for students affected by COVID-19, the Cabinet’s new leadership is intent on building on the level of community engagement achieved by their predecessors. 

“This year we want to be more inward and play more of an active role in the Yale community,” said Senior Co-Coordinator, Sasha Thomas ’23. “We want students to know that Dwight Hall can be a resource for getting to know New Haven, social justice, service, and advocacy. Another avenue we’ve been thinking about for ExComm to pursue is creating more collaborative spaces to bring people together, and our member groups are such a great way to do this because they connect the students on campus who are interested in advocacy work.” 

With Dwight Hall’s new Student Executive Committee also comes the welcoming of the six newest student-led member groups: Code New Haven, Yale Ethics Bowl, Women Everywhere Believe, Yale Interpretation Network, Every Vote Counts, and the Urban Philanthropic Fund. 

Read more about Dwight Hall’s newest student-led member groups here.

Managing the relationships between member groups, students, New Haven, and community organizations is an ongoing priority for the 2021 ExComm, and emphasizing the work of student-led member groups is one way to navigate that pathway. 

2021 Executive Committee Undertakes New Challenges and New Direction 

In the Spring of 2021, Dwight Hall welcomes its newest Co-Coordinator, Carlos Brown ’23. Now under new co-leadership of  Sasha Thomas ’22 and Carlos Brown ’23 with the outgoing of Senior Co-Coordinator, Daud Shad ’21, the 2021 cabinet students are excited for a new opportunity to think creatively about how they can make an impact with Dwight Hall. 

“There were so many projects, initiatives, and goals that were related to the pandemic last year, and so we’re slowly transitioning back to how we can support students in a normal school year,” said Thomas. “This year is really exciting because Carlos [Junior Co-Coordinator] has a non-traditional entrance to Dwight Hall and was more involved in advocacy on campus instead of starting out on ExComm and growing through the ranks,” said Thomas. 

With new perspectives joining, the 2021 ExComm is excited to establish a different type of synergy with newer members of the Yale community, and allow Dwight Hall to occupy more creative spaces in advocacy and social justice than in the past.

“The unique structure of Dwight Hall and the work it does, and the way it acts as a facilitator for change and people interested in change is what attracted me to it,” said incoming Co-Coordinator Carlos Brown ’23. “Dwight Hall is a great place to get connected once you get inspired.” 

The Dwight Hall Student Cabinet and 85 student-led member groups remain the largest organized body of students on Yale’s campus.

Looking to learn more about Dwight Hall’s Student Executive Committee and be a part of student-led social justice initiatives? Read more about the different roles of the student cabinet or reach out to the co-coordinators: cocoordinators@dwighthall.org

About the Author

Lydia Burleson

Lydia Burleson served as the Communications and Alumni Engagement Associate for Dwight Hall at Yale, Center for Public Service and Social Justice from June 2021-June 2022. A first-generation low-income student from rural Texas, Lydia graduated from Yale cum laude in 2021 with a degree in English and a nonfiction creative writing concentration. During her college years, Lydia increased awareness of marginalized voices with the public writing she did for The Yale Daily News and the Yale Admissions office. Her Dwight Hall experiences included free college advising with student-led member groups REACH and Matriculate. Dwight Hall empowered Lydia to uplift other disadvantaged students and to increase access to education for people who might not have otherwise received these resources. She is currently completing an English PhD at Stanford University with a Knight-Hennessy Fellowship.