The Cinemat

Our Mission:

The Cinemat is an extracurricular registered 501(c)3 non-profit through which the Yale community learns and works in all aspects of filmmaking, such as sound, lighting, production design, camera operation, editing, and writing. We give back to the community through offering free commercials to New Haven nonprofits and small businesses, improving equity in the Yale film community, and partnering with local film festivals and public schools.

Our Activities:

Video Services for Women Against Mass Incarceration
Direct Service
We have two projects in collaboration with WAMI:
Christmas Gifts Angel Project in December
Film Days #: 2
2 Events - 1 in Wami office / 1 trip to York Correctional
Early Release Pro Bono Training

Directing for Good
Direct Service
The Cinemat will work with New Haven non-profits and small businesses to produce professional quality videography for them. The cost of this service is often far out of reach of small organizations, but having high-quality commercials and fundraising videos can be crucial to success. It is our hope that through providing free videography we can make a huge difference in the impact of these valuable organizations and their initiatives.

Student Leaders:

Daphne Wu - Coordinator/President

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