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Our Mission:

To spread the ideas of effective altruism through outreach, advocacy, education and collaboration, and to engage with and enable effective altruistic practice using the immense resources and opportunities available at Yale.

Our Activities:

Yale Effective Altruism Introductory Fellowship
Advocacy, or Activism
Yale Effective Altruism's Fellowship is designed to prepare students to maximize their positive impact in the future. Open for undergraduate, graduate, and professional students, fellows deeply engage with ideas and strategies for improving the world through evidence and reason.

Speaker Events
Advocacy, or Activism
Yale Effective Altruism is a hub for students to not only know more about effective altruism but also a place to build a community and get to know other students professionally and personally. As a result, we host a variety of speaker events with individuals pursuing careers in high-impact fields such as Molly Crocket, Mushfiq Mobarak, Jeff Sebo, and Aaron Hamlin. We typically host a handful of speaker events each year including talks by alums or Yale professors.

Symposium Series
Advocacy, or Activism
For those individuals who have already completed the Introductory EA Fellowship or have spent a significant amount of time reading about core principles of effective altruism, the Symposium provides a space to further develop ideas on how to maximize the amount of good we can do in an interactive setting.

Fellows complete assigned readings and meet for a 90-minute discussion each week. Topics span from moral philosophy, rationality and epistemology, high-impact cause areas, to longtermism and more. For later weeks, fellows will propose their own topics, conduct research, and present about their findings.

Student Leaders:

Gian Luca Reti - Vice President

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